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Downhole Liftsub

Downhole liftsub: Fitted with slips and elevator recess together with 18ยบ taper to match drillpipe elevators

Supplied either premade to collars in town, or to be made up to drill collar stands racked back in the derrick

Eliminates the need for liftsubs when handling collars offshore

When utilising conventional automated drillpipe handling systems, manual handling is eliminated

Aligned with Norwegian Regulatory drive (Facility Regulation 55 and Activity Regulation 80, and OLF / NR recommended guideline 81), to replace manual handling with remote controlled handling

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  • Secure lifting point (threaded box end tooljoint)
  • Slips and elevator recess
  • Phosphate coating for corrosion resistance
  • RFID tagging for tracking tool certification / documentation